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2021 Election: Call for council nominations (term 2022-2024)

The Nominations and Elections Committee of the Human Proteome Organization is seeking candidates to serve on  HUPO Council for a three-year term beginning in January 2022 (2022-2024). Each councilor must be an active HUPO member who is a scientist from the public or private sector with professional experience in educational, research, or commercial activities related to the purposes of HUPO. We invite you to nominate yourself.

To submit a nomination please complete the 2021 Election Nomination Form here and submit it to before 15 May 2021.

Again this year, voting will be conducted online. In September, all active HUPO members will receive an email containing a secure election ID code. Electors simply click on the link provided and cast their anonymous votes. 

Diversity Candidates 

Each regional (Eastern, Central, Western) organization has been asked to nominate two (2) candidates to be considered for 'diversity' positions on the HUPO Council. 'Diversity' candidates are nominated by the national/regional proteomics societies with the understanding that the selections should increase the diversity of the Council from each region (examples: less represented countries as defined by HUPO membership fees, gender balance, young scientists, agricultural and micro-organism proteomic, industry). There is a block vote for diversity candidates with “accept” or “not accept” as part of the global HUPO election process. The Eastern region submitted 1 diversity candidate for the 2017 election whereas the Central and Western regions submitted 2 diversity candidates each. Therefore there was an additional council position filled, via direct election, by a candidate from the Eastern region.

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