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The HUPO Early Career Researcher (ECR) initiative is delighted to announce that once again this year it will hold its Poster Competition at HUPO Reconnect 2021 (November 15-19) thanks to the support of its sponsor: Molecular Omics.

This year, for the first time, the competition will be open to all graduate students (Master’s and Ph.D.). Eight presenters will be selected based on the excellence of their abstracts to give a short oral presentation on their poster at HUPO Reconnect 2021. A panel of judges will select the best presentations given at the conference, $300 (1st place) and $150 (2nd and 3rd place).

How to enter:

  1. Submit an abstract via the HUPO Reconnect 2021 abstract submission form.
  2. Select to enter the graduate students Poster Competition when asked on the form.
  3. Upload to the form the supporting documentation to confirm student status (e.g., student registration confirmation or letter from supervisor).
  4. Send a short text (maximum five sentences) describing the main achievements of your work to The subject of your email should be: HUPO Reconnect 2021 Graduate Students Poster Competition – YOUR NAME
  5. The presenting first author (or co-first author) must be a Graduate Student.

The deadline for submissions is now closed.

Finalists will be notified before the end of September – the beginning of October 2021.

For queries on the competition please contact Sanj Gandham at

Past HUPO PhD Poster Competition Finalists:

HUPO Connect 2020, Virtual 

  • Ugo Dionne, Canada (First Place Winner)
  • Maria Jassinskaja, Sweden (Second Place Winner)
  • Edwin Escobar, USA (Third Place Winner)
  • Xiaobo Tian, The Netherlands
  • Joshua Charkow, Canada
  • Andikan Nwosu, USA
  • Ana Montero Calle, Spain
  • Jessica Nickerson, Canada

HUPO 2019 Adelaide, Australia

  • Tim Van Den Bossche, Belgium (Winner)
  • Sayantani Chatterjee, Australia 
  • Maik Mueller, Switzerland 
  • Tara K. Bartolec, Australia
  • Mohamed Elzek, United Kingdom 
  • Komal K. Mandal, Denmark
  • Ruzanna Mnatsakanyan, Canada
  • Tomoya Niinae, Japan

HUPO 2018 Orlando, Florida 

  • Desmond Li, Australia (Winner)
  • Aaron Robinson, USA (Winner)
  • Amber Weiner, USA (Winner)
  • Andreas Hober, Sweden
  • Juanjuan Xie, China
  • Tim Van Den Bossche, Belgium
  • Benjamin Pullman, USA
  • Shubham Gupta, Canada

HUPO 2017 Dublin, Ireland

  • Marc Van Oostrum, Switzerland (Winner)
  • Johanna Simon, Germany (Winner)
  • Fernanda Kugeratski, Scotland (Winner)
  • Christine Yeh, USA
  • Subash Adhikari, Australia 
  • Anna Meyfour, Iran
  • Aleksandra Binek, Spain
  • Marika Mokou, Greece

HUPO 2016 Taipei, Taiwan

  • Christopher Ashwood, Australia (Winner)
  • Margherita Dell'Aica, Germany (Winner)
  • Zhiduan Su, Australia (Winner)
  • Mattias Brofelth, Sweden
  • Yi-Ju Chen, Taiwan
  • Heeyoun Hwang, South Korea
  • Peter Kubiniok, Canada
  • George Rosenberger,Switzerland

Read the HUPO 2016 report for more information on the winners. 


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