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Human Immuno-Peptidome Project - Call for Chair and Co-Chair Nominations

14 Oct 2020 12:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Human Immuno-Peptidome Project (HIPP) was launched in 2015 under the aegis of HUPO and B/D-HPP (https://hupo.org/Human-Immuno-Peptidome-Project). The vision of HIPP is to map the entire repertoire of peptides presented by HLA molecules using mass spectrometry technologies, and make its robust analysis accessible to any immunologist, clinical-investigator and other researchers around the globe. The main pillars of the HIPP program are the following: (1) method and technology development, (2) standardization, (3) effective data sharing, and (4) education . Etienne Caron and Michal Bassani-Sternberg are the current HIPP Chair and co-Chair. Under their leadership, the following short-term and middle-term goals were determined:

  • Organize a HIPP summer school every year or every two years to accelerate the expansion of the immunopeptidomics community
  • Design multi-laboratory studies to benchmark protocols and MS technologies
  • Establish partnerships with MS developers to improve detection and analysis of immunopeptidomes
  • Establish partnerships with journals’ editors and funding agencies to reinforce sharing of immunopeptidomic data
  • Further develop the SysteMHC Atlas (https://systemhcatlas.org) for deposition and open sharing of immunopeptidomic datasets
  • Launch a large-scale human immunopeptidome project consortium
  • Promote the visibility of HUPO-HIPP in publications, conferences, workshops and elsewhere

Since its foundation, two international HIPP workshops and one summer course have been successfully organized to move forward the field of immunopeptidomics from a community perspective.


With the expanding goals of HIPP and the increasing interest of the scientific community, we seek to engage two strong, well-organized, strategic, vibrant, enthusiastic, goal-oriented immunopeptidomics researchers who would be suitable candidates to the Chair and co-Chair positions. HIPP is keen to ensure regional, gender and early career scientist equity across its management structures.

The HIPP Chair and co-Chair position is a 2-year term (restricted to 4 consecutive years) and will commence in 2021. The responsibilities of the Chair and co-Chair can be summarised under the following areas:

1. Leadership. The overarching role of the Chair is to provide leadership, he/she must be an effective strategist and a good networker. The co-Chair will assist and support the HIPP Chair.

2. Committee. The first immediate responsibilities of the Chair/co-Chair will be to establish a HIPP Committee. The Committee will be composed of several members including a Treasurer who will manage the finances (currently in a HUPO bank account). The Committee will set short-term goals and will develop a plan to achieve those goals. The Chair/co-Chair will make the most of their committee members and will review the committee’s performance and identify and manage the process for renewal of the committee through recruitment of new members.

3. Coordination. The Chair/co-Chair will make sure that each meeting is planned effectively. They will co-ordinate the Committee to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for the effective management of HIPP.

4. Representation. The Chair/co-Chair may from time to time be called upon to represent HIPP and sometimes be its spokesperson at, for example, HUPO meetings. The Chair/co-Chair will also be responsible for reporting HIPP’s annual progress to HPP/BD-HPP upon request by HUPO.

To apply, please submit a photo of yourself, and a brief (<1 page) vision statement outlining your background, previous activity in the HIPP initiative and why you are a suitable candidate for the HIPP leadership. Email vision statement to Michal.bassani@chuv.ch before November 15, 2020.

Only HIPP members from academia can apply for the chair and co-chair positions, while members from industry can take part in the HIPP Committee. Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the B/D-HPP. In case of many applications, the current Chair and Co-Chair, together with the Executive Committee of the B/D-HPP will shortlist several most suitable candidates. The final list of candidates will be posted on the HIPP website, and the HIPP members will vote online for the suitable candidate. The applicant with the majority of votes will become the new Chair and the second place will become the co-Chair. The successful candidates will be announced shortly after the election.

1 Caron et al. (2017) A case for a human immuno-peptidome project consortium, Immunity 47, 203-208.

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