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23rd C-HPP Workshop in Russia, May 15-18, 2020

01 Nov 2019 8:53 AM | Anonymous

Chris Overall, University of British Columbia, Canada

The 23rd C-HPP workshop will be held aboard the very comfortable river-class cruise ship traveling from Saint Petersburg to Valaam Island and back to Saint Petersburg from Friday May 15 (18:00) to Monday May 18 (09:00), 2020. The focus on of the workshop will be “From chromosome-centric project to the human proteome” and will also nucleate celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the C-HPP Initiative. The workshop is organized by Prof. Alexander Archakov, also celebrating in 2020 his 80th birthday and the and 75th Anniversary of the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry (Moscow, Russia). Thus, many Russian Colleagues in Proteomics and Bioinformatics will also be in attendance making for a rich program.

The Workshop aims to cover the following scientific topics:

  • Status update from Chromosome, neXt-MP50 and neXt-CP50 teams
  • Bioinformatics Tools Development—from C-HPP to the human proteome
  • Transcriptoproteomics—the way from Genome to Proteome
  • Proteomics Technology Innovations
  • Proteomics and other OMICs—Impact on Medicine
  • Missing proteins in rare tissues and diseases (with B/D-HPP)

Registration will open soon and we are expecting that support from the Russian Government will be announced late in December, at which time we can release the cost. All information regarding the workshop will be available at the C-HPP Wiki.

The HUPO C-HPP Chronicle
The Chronicle of the Chromosome-Centric Human Proteome (C-HPP) project showing the most important milestones of the C-HPP such as building up of the chromosome teams, the C-HPP and then the HPP special issues in Journal of Proteome Research, C-HPP workshops and special events, and key publications is available at C-HPP Wiki.

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