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Big Data and Precision Medicine (BDPM-2020) Workshop at IIT Bombay

30 Mar 2020 2:11 PM | Anonymous

Sanjeeva Srivastava, IIT Bombay, India

Omics Big Data handling and making sense out of the data for its usage in precision medicine has become a hot topic recently with technical advancements and researchers better understanding of big data analysis and management. IIT Bombay, India and NTU, UK in collaboration organized this event to provide training and spread knowledge of big data handling and analysis with the help of Artificial Neural Networking and Machine learning using basic softwares available to us.

This event was a success due to eminent scientists and researchers from India and abroad sharing their knowledge and expertise’ about the field. Additionally, clinicians’ contributed to the issues being faced currently in various cancers like ovarian, breast, cervical, brain and others, along with infectious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria. This provided researchers’ and scientists’ idea to work on various collaborative projects on infectious diseases and cancers.

This advanced workshop was conducted for limited number of young faculty and researchers to be able to understand advances in the field of big data research and how it could be used translation into the clinics.

Hands-on sessions for proteomics sample preparation, Mass spectrometry based label-free, labeled (TMT/iTRAQ) and targeted proteomics sessions were intensive but very useful. Participants also got training for metabolomics, genome sequencing basics and data interpretation.

Additionally, an Indo-UK round table brainstorming session was conducted to bring great minds of the fields (researchers, academia, industry, clinicians and policy makers) together to conceive collaborative project(s) and initiatives to make a common database for big data handling, which could be shared with the community. This will help us taking steps towards converting the idea of personalized medicine to reality.

This event was supported from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and UKIERI, British Council UK.

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