Human Antibody Initiative

Overview of the HAI Project

The mission of the Human Antibody Initiative (HAI) aims to promote and facilitate the use of antibodies for proteomics research. The initiative consists of two separate activities; (1) the generation of a catalogue of validated antibodies from many different sources and (2) a protein atlas for the expression and localization of human proteins in normal and disease tissue. The two separate activities have as their primary deliverables to generate databases with free public accessibility. The Antibody Resource database ( is aimed to produce a comprehensive catalogue of validated antibodies towards human proteins. This initiative depends on input from a large number of academic groups and commercial companies. The Protein Atlas initiative ( is aimed to provide comprehensive and annotated database of high-resolution images showing tissue profiles in normal and cancer tissues. Both databases will be open to the public without restriction (no passwords).

International Working Group for Antibody Validation

An ad hoc International Working Group for Antibody Validation, including participants from the HUPO Antibody Initiative, was formed to formulate appropriate approaches for validating antibodies used in common research applications, and to provide guidelines to ensure antibody reproducibility. The working group recommend five conceptual ‘pillars’ for antibody validation to be used in an application-specific manner, as outlined in the figure below.

The recommendations are summarized in the figure below and in the publication “A proposal for antibody validation”, Uhlén et al. Nature Methods. 2016 Sept 5. 

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