The progress of the Human Proteome Project has been documented in several different forums.

HPP Annual Special Issues of Journal of Proteome Research

HPP Journal Articles

  • "neXtProt: Organizing Protein Knowledge in the Context of Human Proteome Projects" - Pascale Gaudet, Ghislaine Argoud-Puy, Isabelle Cusin, Paula Duek, Olivier Evalet, Alain Gateau, Anne Gleizes, Mario Pereira, Monique Zahn-Zabal, Catherine Zwahlen, Amos Bairoch, and Lydie Lane (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "RNA Deep Sequencing as a Tool for Selection of Cell Lines for Systematic Subcellular Localization of All Human Proteins" - Frida Danielsson, Mikaela Wiking, Diana Mahdessian, Marie Skogs, Hammou Ait Blal, Martin Hjelmare, Charlotte Stadler, Mathias Uhlén, and Emma Lundberg (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "CAPER: a Chromosome-Assembled human Proteome browsER" - Feifei Guo, Dan Wang, Zhongyang Liu, Liang Lu, Wei Zhang, Haiyan Sun, Hongxing Zhang, Jie Ma, Songfeng Wu, Ning Li, Ying Jiang, Weimin Zhu, Jun Qin, Ping Xu, Dong Li, and Fuchu He (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "The Proteome Browser Web Portal" - Robert J. A. Goode, Simon Yu, Anitha Kannan, Jeffrey H. Christiansen, Anthony Beitz, William S. Hancock, Edouard Nice, and A. Ian Smith (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "The State of the Human Proteome in 2012 as Viewed through PeptideAtlas" - Terry Farrah, Eric W. Deutsch, Michael R. Hoopmann, Janice L. Hallows, Zhi Sun, Chung-Ying Huang, and Robert L. Moritz (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Qualitative and Quantitative Expression Status of the Human Chromosome 20 Genes in Cancer Tissues and the Representative Cell Lines" - Quanhui Wang, Bo Wen, Guangrong Yan, Junying Wei, Liqi Xie, Shaohang Xu, Dahai Jiang, Tingyou Wang, Liang Lin, Jin Zi, Ju Zhang, Ruo Zhou, Haiyi Zhao, Zhe Ren, Nengrong Qu, Xiaomin Lou, Haidan Sun, Chaoqin Du, Chuangbin Chen, Shenyan Zhang, Fengji Tan, Youqi Xian, Zhibo Gao, Minghui He, Longyun Chen, Xiaohang Zhao, Ping Xu, Yunping Zhu, Xingfeng Yin, Huali Shen, Yang Zhang, Jing Jiang, Chengpu Zhang, Liwei Li, Cheng Chang, Jie Ma, Guoquan Yan, Jun Yao, Haojie Lu, Wantao Ying, Fan Zhong, Qing-Yu He, and Siqi Liu (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Chromosome 19 Annotations with Disease Speciation: A First Report from the Global Research Consortium" - Carol L. Nilsson, Frode Berven, Frode Selheim, Huiling Liu, Joseph R. Moskal, Roger A. Kroes, Erik P. Sulman, Charles A. Conrad, Frederick F. Lang, Per E. Andrén, Anna Nilsson, Elisabet Carlsohn, Hans Lilja, Johan Malm, David Fenyö, Devipriya Subramaniyam, Xiangdong Wang, Maria Gonzales-Gonzales, Noelia Dasilva, Paula Diez, Manuel Fuentes, Ákos Végvári, Karin Sjödin, Charlotte Welinder, Thomas Laurell, Thomas E. Fehniger, Henrik Lindberg, Melinda Rezeli, Goutham Edula, Sophia Hober, and György Marko-Varga (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Chromosome 18 Transcriptome Profiling and Targeted Proteome Mapping in Depleted Plasma, Liver Tissue and HepG2 Cells" - Victor G. Zgoda, Arthur T. Kopylov, Olga V. Tikhonova, Alexander A. Moisa, Nadezhda V. Pyndyk, Tatyana E. Farafonova, Svetlana E. Novikova, Andrey V. Lisitsa, Elena A. Ponomarenko, Ekaterina V. Poverennaya, Sergey P. Radko, Svetlana A. Khmeleva, Leonid K. Kurbatov, Aleksey D. Filimonov, Nadezhda A. Bogolyubova, Ekaterina V. Ilgisonis, Aleksey L. Chernobrovkin, Alexis S. Ivanov, Alexei E. Medvedev, Yury V. Mezentsev, Sergei A. Moshkovskii, Stanislav N. Naryzhny, Elena N. Ilina, Elena S. Kostrjukova, Dmitry G. Alexeev, Alexander V. Tyakht, Vadim M. Govorun, and Alexander I. Archakov (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013. Presented data available: PXD000085PXD000091PXD000092PXD000093
  • "Spanish Human Proteome Project: Dissection of Chromosome 16" - V. Segura, J. A. Medina-Aunon, E. Guruceaga, S. I. Gharbi, C. González-Tejedo, M. M. Sánchez del Pino, F. Canals, M. Fuentes, J. Ignacio Casal, S. Martínez-Bartolomé, F. Elortza, J. M. Mato, J. M. Arizmendi, J. Abian, E. Oliveira, C. Gil, F. Vivanco, F. Blanco, J. P. Albar, and F. J. Corrales (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013. Presented datasets available: PXD000039
  • "GenomewidePDB, a Proteomic Database Exploring the Comprehensive Protein Parts List and Transcriptome Landscape in Human Chromosomes" - Seul-Ki Jeong, Hyoung-Joo Lee, Keun Na, Jin-Young Cho, Min Jung Lee, Ja-Young Kwon, Hoguen Kim, Young-Mok Park, Jong Shin Yoo, William S. Hancock, and Young-Ki Paik (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Chromosome 11-Centric Human Proteome Analysis of Human Brain Hippocampus Tissue" - Kyung-Hoon Kwon, Jin Young Kim, Se-Young Kim, Hye Kyeong Min, Hyoung-Joo Lee, In Jung Ji, Taewook Kang, Gun Wook Park, Hyun Joo An, Bonghee Lee, Rivka Ravid, Isidro Ferrer, Chun Kee Chung, Young-Ki Paik, William S. Hancock, Young Mok Park, and Jong Shin Yoo (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Chromosome 7-Centric Analysis of Proteomics Data from a Panel of Human Colon Carcinoma Cell Lines" - Susan Fanayan, Joshua T. Smith, Manveen K. Sethi, David Cantor, Robert Goode, Richard J. Simpson, Mark S. Baker, William S. Hancock, and Edouard Nice (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Proteome Atlas of Human Chromosome 8 and Its Multiple 8p Deficiencies in Tumorigenesis of the Stomach, Colon, and Liver" - Yang Zhang, Guoquan Yan, Linhui Zhai, Shaohang Xu, Huali Shen, Jun Yao, Feifei Wu, Liqi Xie, Hailin Tang, Hongxiu Yu, Mingqi Liu, Pengyuan Yang, Ping Xu, Chengpu Zhang, Liwei Li, Cheng Chang, Ning Li, Songfeng Wu, Yunping Zhu, Quanhui Wang, Bo Wen, Liang Lin, Yinzhu Wang, Guiyan Zheng, Lanping Zhou, Haojie Lu, Siqi Liu, Fuchu He, and Fan Zhong (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "First Proteomic Exploration of Protein-Encoding Genes on Chromosome 1 in Human Liver, Stomach, and Colon" - Songfeng Wu, Ning Li, Jie Ma, Huali Shen, Dahai Jiang, Cheng Chang, Chengpu Zhang, Liwei Li, Hongxing Zhang, Jing Jiang, Zhongwei Xu, Lingyan Ping, Tao Chen, Wei Zhang, Tao Zhang, Xiaohua Xing, Tailong Yi, Yanchang Li, Fengxu Fan, Xiaoqian Li, Fan Zhong, Quanhui Wang, Yang Zhang, Bo Wen, Guoquan Yan, Liang Lin, Jun Yao, Zhilong Lin, Feifei Wu, Liqi Xie, Hongxiu Yu, Mingqi Liu, Haojie Lu, Hong Mu, Dong Li, Weimin Zhu, Bei Zhen, Xiaohong Qian, Jun Qin, Siqi Liu, Pengyuan Yang, Yunping Zhu, Ping Xu, and Fuchu He (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Full-length Transcriptome-based H-InvDB Throws a New Light on Chromosome-centric Proteomics" - Tadashi Imanishi, Yoko Nagai, Takuya Habara, Chisato Yamasaki, Jun-ichi Takeda, Sayaka Mikami, Yasuhiko Bando, Hiromasa Tojo, and Toshihide Nishimura (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Integrated View of the Human Chromosome X-centric Proteome Project" - Tadashi Yamamoto, Keiichi Nakayama, Hisashi Hirano, Takeshi Tomonaga, Yasushi Ishihama, Tetsushi Yamada, Tadashi Kondo, Yoshio Kodera, Yuichi Sato, Norie Araki, Hiroshi Mamitsuka, and Naoki Goshima (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "A Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP) to Characterize the Sets of Proteins Encoded in Chromosome 17" - Suli Liu, Hogune Im, Amos Bairoch, Massimo Cristofanilli, Rui Chen, Eric W. Deutsch, Stephen Dalton, David Fenyo, Susan Fanayan, Chris Gates, Pascale Gaudet, Marina Hincapie, Samir Hanash, Hoguen Kim, Seul-Ki Jeong, Emma Lundberg, George Mias, Rajasree Menon, Zhaomei Mu, Edouard Nice, Young-Ki Paik, Mathias Uhlen, Lance Wells, Shiaw-Lin Wu, Fangfei Yan, Fan Zhang, Yue Zhang, Michael Snyder, Gilbert S. Omenn, Ronald C. Beavis, and William S. Hancock (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Decoding the Disease-Associated Proteins Encoded in the Human Chromosome 4" - Lien-Chin Chen, Mei-Ying Liu, Yung-Chin Hsiao, Wai-Kok Choong, Hsin-Yi Wu, Wen-Lian Hsu, Pao-Chi Liao, Ting-Yi Sung, Shih-Feng Tsai, Jau-Song Yu, and Yu-Ju Chen (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "The Chromosome-Centric Human Proteome Project: A Call to Action" - Andreas F. R. Hühmer, Aran Paulus, LeRoy B. Martin, Kevin Millis, Tasha Agreste, Julian Saba, Jennie R. Lill, Steven M. Fischer, William Dracup, and Paddy Lavery (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "The Biology/Disease-driven Human Proteome Project (B/D-HPP): Enabling Protein Research for the Life Sciences Community" - Ruedi Aebersold, Gary D. Bader, Aled M. Edwards, Jennifer E. van Eyk, Martin Kussmann, Jun Qin, and Gilbert S. Omenn (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "A Fresh Look at the Male-specific Region of the Human Y Chromosome" - Zohreh Jangravi, Mehdi Alikhani, Babak Arefnezhad, Mehdi Sharifi Tabar, Sara Taleahmad, Razieh Karamzadeh, Mahdieh Jadaliha, Seyed Ahmad Mousavi, Diba Ahmadi Rastegar, Pouria Parsamatin, Haghighat Vakilian, Shahab Mirshahvaladi, Marjan Sabbaghian, Anahita Mohseni Meybodi, Mehdi Mirzaei, Maryam Shahhoseini, Marzieh Ebrahimi, Abbas Piryaei, Ali Akbar Moosavi-Movahedi, Paul A. Haynes, Ann K. Goodchild, Mohammad Hossein Nasr-Esfahani, Esmaiel Jabbari, Hossein Baharvand, Mohammad Ali Sedighi Gilani, Hamid Gourabi, and Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "A First Step Toward Completion of a Genome-Wide Characterization of the Human Proteome" - Gyorgy Marko-Varga, Gilbert S. Omenn, Young-Ki Paik, and William S. Hancock (2013) Journal of Proteome Research special issue 2013
  • "Uniting ENCODE with genome-wide proteomics" - Young-Ki Paik and William S Hancock (2012) Nature Biotechnology, 30, 1065-7 JPR C-HPP Special Issue 2013
  • "Reproducible Quantification of Cancer-associated Proteins in Body Fluids using Targeted Proteomics" - Hüttenhain et al. (2012) Sci Transl Med., 4(142), 142ra94
  • "Standard guidelines for the chromosome-centric human proteome project" - Paik et al. (2012) J Proteome Res., 11, 2005-13
  • "A Chromosome-Centric Human Proteome Project to Characterize the Sets of Proteins Encoded in the Genome" - Paik et al. (2012) Nature Biotechnology, 30, 221-223
  • "Antibody-based protein profiling of the human chromosome 21" - Mathias Uhlén, Per Oksvold, Cajsa Algenas, Carl Hamsten, Linn Fagerberg, Daniel Klevebring, Emma Lundberg, Jacob Odeberg, Fredrik Pontén, Tadashi Kondo, and Asa Sivertsson (2011) Mol Cell Proteomics mcp.M111.013458
  • "The human proteome project: Current state and future direction" - Pierre Legrain, Ruedi Aebersold, Alexander Archakov, Amos Bairoch, Kumar Bala, Laura Beretta, John Bergeron, Christoph Borchers, Garry L. Corthals, Catherine E. Costello, Eric W. Deutsch, Bruno Domon, William Hancock, Fuchu He, Denis Hochstrasser, Gyorgy Marko-Varga, Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh, Salvatore Sechi, Michael Snyder, Sudhir Srivastava, Mathias Uhlen, Cathy H. Hu, Tadashi Yamamoto, Young-Ki Paik, and Gilbert S. Omenn (2011) Mol Cell Proteomics, mcp.O111.009993

HPP News Articles

HPP White Papers

  • Human Proteome Project White Paper The "white paper" on the Human Proteome Project was written in August 2008. It was inspired by intense discussions during the 4th international Barbados Proteomics Conference that took place in January 2008. This paper was one of the major sources of inspiration of the HUPO Views article (MCP, Feb 2010).

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