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Early Career Researcher (ECR) Initiative

HUPO Early Career Researcher (ECR) Initiative Launched at HUPO 2015 in Vancouver

At HUPO 2015 in Vancouver the inaugural meeting of the HUPO Early Career Researcher (ECR) Initiative was launched.  This new HUPO initiative is motivated by the firm intent to transmit the HUPO ideals to the next generation of proteomic leaders who are involved in many of the varied B/D-HPP teams and HPP pillars.

Mentoring represents the strongest link between generations of scientists and so, in the context of the initiative, the 14th World HUPO Congress in Vancouver hosted an entire day dedicated to mentoring. The HUPO Mentoring Day was held on Sunday 27th September 2015 and involved participation from many of our past and present proteomics leaders!

The HUPO Mentoring Day was structured as lectures and colloquia “brain-storming” sessions focused on transmitting to young scientists an awareness of proteomics in time and society along with concrete examples and tips necessary for one to build a career in proteomics.

During the day, young scientists had the opportunity to hear from world-renowned scientists from a wide variety of science, technology, and business fields. Together with the group of ECRs, these scientists reflected on their past education, careers, field, choices, work histories, and what an early career scientists needs to know today in order to reap a rewarding future career in science and technology. The “mentors” shared their personal stories and their creative ways of using science, technology, and the choices they made in their careers and everyday lives.

Further, also in the context of the initiative, Vancouver 2015 hosted the first HUPO ECR manuscript competition. This part of the ECR Initiative was intended to create a platform for talented young scientists to present and highlight their recent work in the form of a scientific manuscript. The manuscript competition gives the field a fresh perspective and provides an opportunity for these researchers to present publication-quality work in an international forum. Original scientific manuscripts submitted for the competition were reviewed by a jury and three winners were selected and invited to present their work during the congress along with a monetary prize.

These two ECR activities underpinned the launch of the ECR Initiative at Vancouver 2015! Many more will come to engage the next generation of proteomic leaders from the varied B/D-HPP teams and pillars, through strength in both proteomics and biology, which is paramount to the continuation of the HUPO ideals!

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For further information on ECR activities please contact:
Mathieu Lavallee (Co-Chair) and Ruth Huttenhain (Co-Chair) at ecr [at]  

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