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June 2021 C-HPP Updates

28 May 2021 4:23 PM | Deleted user

Written by Chris Overall, C-HPP Chair, Canada

New protein function prediction pages on neXtProt

neXtProt currently does not have any functional annotation for 1,669 PE1 – PE4 entries (SPARQL query NXQ_00022 provides the complete list). This corresponds to 8.2% of the entries in neXtProt release 2021-02-18. These entries lack any experimentally determined or predicted function. In March 2018, the HUPO C-HPP consortium launched the neXt-CP50 project, in which CP stands for "characterization of protein" and uPE1 refers to the uncharacterized PE1 proteins in neXtProt. These proteins have been identified with high confidence at the protein level (PE1), but are considered as functionally uncharacterized, that is, without any functional annotation or solely annotated with generic GO terms that are not linked to any specific function, such as protein binding, calcium binding, zinc binding, metal ion binding, identical protein binding, protein homo-oligomerization, or signal transduction. The neXt-CP50 project aims to characterize an initial 50 of these uPE1 proteins in 3 years.

In order to support this community effort to complete the human functional proteome, neXtProt has begun to host protein function predictions. As a first step, neXtProt provides predictions for 7 entries (NX_Q5T5N4, NX_Q96LI9, NX_C9JQI7, NX_Q9BPX7, NX_Q9BUV0, NX_H3BR10 and NX_Q6P2H8). In order to give credit to the submitter(s), links to their ORCID are provided. Until an online submission form is available, please contact neXtProt to submit predictions for an entry.

Hybrid 23rd C-HPP Workshop in July 1, 2021 in Busan (South-Korea)

Aligned with predicted to travel restrictions and vaccination rates in different countries the form of the 23rd C-HPP workshop in Busan (South-Korea) in July 1, 2021 has morphed from face-to-face to a hybrid meeting with one session of 4 hours at 15:00-19:00 local time.

C-HPP Busan Workshop Tentative Program (Thursday July 1, 2021)

Seoul: 15:00; PST: 23:00; CST: 24:30; Syd: 15:30; Beijing: 13:30; EU: 7:30:

15:00 Opening Keynote Lydie Lane, Chr 2

15:30 Welcome Chris Overall, Chair C-HPP, and Rob Moritz, Chair HPP

15:40 State of the Union, Gil Omenn, Chr 17

15:50 2 chromosome team reports (10 minutes each)

16:10 Questions & Answers for all talks

16:20 Keynote Joshua La Baer, Chr 10

17:10 5 chromosome reports (10 minutes each)

18:00 Questions & Answers for all talks

18:10 Summary HPA (Cecilia Lindskog)/CP50 (Lydie Lane)/MP50 (Rob Moritz)

18:30 Round table Coping with COVID and the HPP

18:50 Charles Pineau Incoming Chair HPP

19:00 Close

We hope that vaccination program against COVID19 will progress and will allow for us to meet again in person on international meetings, workshops and conferences safely in the second half of this year.

Call for Papers: Journal of Proteome Research 9th Annual Special Issue on the Human Proteome Project

The Journal of Proteome Research will publish its ninth annual Special Issue dedicated to highlighting the progress made on the HUPO Human Proteome Project (HPP). Since 2013, these Special Issues have captured incredibly important discoveries in the field, publishing over 250 articles that have collectively received over 5,000 citations. The Special Issue considers research papers encompassing both the Chromosome-Centric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP) and the Biology and Disease Human Proteome Project (B/D-HPP), as well from the Resource Pillars (Antibody, MS, Pathology, and Knowledgebase), and short definitive reports, submitted in the Letters format, on the discovery of a Missing Protein(s). To be considered, the missing protein(s) must meet the Guidelines v 3.0 and be cast in the context of the HPP and biological setting in which they were discovered.

Associate Editor
Christopher M. Overall, The University of British Columbia

Guest Editors
Young‐Ki Paik, Yonsei University

Eric Deutsch, Institute for Systems Biology

Fernando Corrales, CSIC, Madrid

Lydie Lane, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Gilbert S. Omenn, University of Michigan

Robert Moritz, Institute for Systems Biology

Manuscripts must be submitted by 30th June, 2021 to be considered for this Special Issue. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the ACS Paragon Plus Environment online submission system. Specify in the authors’ cover letter that the manuscript is intended for the HPP Special Issue.

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