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"Chromosome 17 team has been mostly focused on supporting neXtProt and the whole HPP effort with the I-TASSER/COFACTOR functional annotation pipeline. During 2020-2021 the pipeline has been enhanced as D-I-TASSER/COFACTOR. Hundreds of requests for functional annotation have been addressed" 

PI: Gilbert S. OMENN


Human Proteome Project

Research Gate

neXtProt status

Our objectives are to monitor progress toward the C-HPP challenges of MP50, identifying PE2,3,4 proteins for which protein-level evidence now justifies elevation to PE1, and CP50, assisting all investigators with predictions of functions, in Gene Ontology terms, for the large number of PE1 proteins lacking functional annotation (1254, as of neXtProt 2020-02).    The annual HPP Metrics paper for the JPR Special Issue (Table 2) documents chromosome-by-chromosome the progress on the MP and CP initiatives. 

Since the announcement of the MP Challenge in Taiwan in 2016, the number of PE 2,3,4 MPs has been reduced from 2949 in neXtProt 2016-01 to 1421 in neXtProt 2021-02, a major success across the entire proteome. For Chromosome 17, the number of MPs has been reduced from 148 to 58.

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