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"In collaboration with Chr 2 team (Lydie Lane), our lab (YPRC) has been working mostly on the dark proteins (uPE1) with respect to their functional characterization using the mutant strains of C. elegans that lack the specific uPE1 encoding gene. We also perform in vivo phenotype assays using those C. elegans mutant alleles that are corresponding to the human uPE1 genes for some selected candidates. In addition, we are trying to construct an integrated PPI network by processing various types of omics data (expression level, protein interaction, gene regulation, various perturbations, etc.), which may help to narrow down experimental targets"

PI: Young-Ki PAIK


Human Proteome Project

Research Gate

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Based on the integrated protein network generated via the Gene Ontology annotation (GOA) list predicted by I-TASSER/COFACTOR, we also  develop a method prototype to reprioritize target processes and functions. To this end, the method will compare the GOA lists of the query protein with its network partners and infer the protein families by constructing a large phylogenetic tree. This work is also a part of collaboration with Chr 2 team (Lydie Lane).

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