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HUPO External Development Initiative (HEDI)

The Human Proteome Organization has established a HUPO External Development Initiative (HEDI) committee to foster integration between the HUPO membership and international thought leaders who are responsible for developing strategy for funding proteomic-centric projects in their respective countries.

The objectives of this initiative are:

  • Identifying emerging scientific opportunities, rising public health challenges, or scientific knowledge gaps that merit further research by international funding agencies, non-profit governmental organizations and foundations, hereafter called Funders.
  • Understanding scientific priorities and strategic planning of Funders globally in developing and applying resources (databases, analytic tools, and methodologies) and producing specifications for new resources in support of proteomic research
  • If requested, assisting the Funders to address areas of emerging scientific opportunities and public health challenges effectively
  • Proactively discussing and providing technical assistance to Funders in the development of proteomic-based initiatives.

Chair's Corner

Information coming soon.

Guest's Corner

Information coming soon. 


  • Dr. Sudhir Srivastava (National Cancer Institute - National Institutes of Health USA) Senior Program Director Chair, HUPO External Development Initiative
  • Dr. Robert Moritz (HUPO Vice President and Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle WA USA) Co-Chair HUPO Development Initiative
  • Dr. Mike Snyder (HUPO Past President and Stanford University, CA USA) Co-Chair HUPO Development Initiative

Funding Opportunity in Single Cell Proteomics 

Activities Update

HEDI 2019 Annual Report


Have questions about this initiative? Send an email to office@hupo.org

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