Affiliated journals

HUPO is pleased to maintain affiliations with the most important and prestigious proteomics journals.

Clinical Proteomics - published by BioMed Central

Journal of Proteome Research – published by ACS Publications

Sponsor of the annual Distinguished Achievement in Proteomic Sciences Award

Journal of Proteomics - published by Elsevier

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics – published by ASBMB

Proteomics and Proteomics Clinical Applications – published by Wiley-VCH

Proteomics and Proteomics Clinical Applications have been endorsed as official journals of HUPO since 2007. The journals regularly publish HUPO related materials in the section HUPO Highlights. Discounted subscription rates are available for all HUPO members. Contact customer service for more details – (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) or cs- (Rest of the World).

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