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2020 HUPO Awards

The Human Proteome Organization presents HUPO awards annually at the World Congress. These awards recognize the outstanding efforts and achievements of individuals (or groups) in the field of proteomics. HUPO gratefully acknowledges the support of Clinical Proteomics - BioMed Central, Journal of Proteomics - ELSEVIER BV, Journal of Proteome Research - ACS Publications and the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) as sponsors of four of the annual awards.

The 2020 Call for HUPO Awards Nominations is now open, see nomination instructions here.

If you have any questions please contact office(at)hupo.org.

HUPO Award categorieS


$3,000 - Sponsored by the HUPO Industrial Advisory Board
The Science and Technology Award recognizes an individual or a team in private industry for the commercialization or (not necessarily) the invention of products, technologies or procedures which had the demonstrated effect in enabling proteome researchers to advance their science. The award will be given in one of four categories (MS hardware, separations, sample prep and data analysis/informatics) and should rotate in these categories. IAB member companies or companies supporting the HUPO organization are encouraged to nominate eligible individuals or teams from their ranks.


$3,000 - Sponsored by the Journal of Proteome Research – ACS Publications

Recognizes a scientist for distinguished scientific achievements in the field of proteomic science.


$3,000 - Sponsored by Clinical Proteomics - BioMed Central

This award recognizes a scientist in the field of clinical and translational proteomics.


$3,000 - Sponsored by Journal of Proteomics - ELSEVIER BV

Recognizes a scientist for a single discovery in the field of proteomics.

Nomination Requirements 

You are invited to nominate HUPO award candidates! Visit the online nomination form here

Nomination deadline: 11:59 pm PST on 5 April 2020

Nomination requirements:

  • Self nominations are not accepted.
  • A nominee must be a member of HUPO to receive an award.
  • Nominees should be currently active in proteomics, except in the rare case of an "inspiring historical" figure.
  • All information must be included in the online submission form.
  • Awards will be presented at the 2020 HUPO World Congress which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from October 18-22, 2020. Attendance at the Congress is required of award recipients and congress registration fee will be waived. The $3,000 monetary portion of the award is intended to be used as travel support; no other travel support will be provided. 

If your nominee is not awarded this year the nomination will carry forward to future years. Prior to re-submitting your previous nominations you will be contacted to see if you'd like to update the information. 

You will require the following information to submit a nomination:

  • Nominee Details (Name, Institution, Email Address)
  • Nominator Details (Your Name, Institution, Email Address)
  • Reason for Nomination (Could include honors awarded to the nominee, mentioned of career-best publications, significant achievements etc.) Questions will vary based on the award category.

Science & Technology nominations require the above information as well as:

  • The technology or innovation
  • Its impact on the field of proteomics
  • The specific area of proteomics relevant to the technology
  • How it was brought to the marketplace

View past HUPO award recipients here.

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