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SINGLE CELL proteomics initiative

Leadership and Team members


Bogdan Budnik, Ph.D

Wyss Institute, Harvard University, USA

Robert L. Moritz, Ph.D

Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA

Initiative members:

Karl Mechtler, PhD

Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, Austria

Erwin M. Schoof, PhD

DTU Bioengineering, Odense, Denmark

Roman Zubarev, PhD

Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Ryan Kelly, PhD

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA

Early Career Researcher & Ambassador:

Claudia Ctortecka, Ph.D

Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard, Boston, USA

Human cellular protein expression is defined by its heterogeneity down to the single cell-level, a fact patently clear by histology, but largely unaddressed and even convoluted by conventional proteomics. Yet this cellular heterogeneity is fundamentally important, reflecting essential processes in cellular and organismal physiology and disease. These include critical variation across tissue localization, cell-cycle, exposure to external stimuli, functional polarization, differentiation status, disease state, and response to therapeutics. To capture and understand this protein-level cellular heterogeneity, the field of Single-Cell Proteomics (SCP) has recently experienced vast developments. Due to recent technological and methodological advances in this area, we are now able to study the proteomes of single human cells, in an unbiassed fashion using mass spectrometry. The nascent SCP field has been expanding exponentially over the past 3-4 years, with at least 2 separate conferences per year (SCP, Boston and ESCP, Vienna), and dedicated at HUPO and ASMS. Moreover, in 2022 the first SCP HUPO pre-conference course was organized in Cancun, Mexico and planned pre-conference course for HUPO in Busan, Korea.

Current lines of work:

The goal of the Single-Cell Initiative under the Biology and Disease-Driven Human Proteome Project, launched in 2022, is fostering the development and application of SCP methods and technologies. The initiative aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and resources within established and newly interested SCP researchers. The initiative organizes webinars, workshops, and symposia to showcase the latest advances, and challenges in SCP complemented by generating dedicated resources.

Initiative membership:

Initial Single-Cell initiative committee was established from international laboratories already proficient in performing SCP workflows. There are no minimum requirements to join the initiative in the future, except interest in advancing the field of SCP.

Please contact anyone in the committee for further information on how to connect and get involved in SCPI.

Announcements & upcoming events

European Single Cell Proteomics Conference

ESCP Vienna 2023

Preliminary program

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