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The Promise of Diversity and the HUPO Vision

28 May 2021 3:48 PM | Deleted user

Written by Aleksandra Nita-Lazar, National Insitute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA

The diversity concept is being widely applied and more and more often globally recognized – and HUPO is no exception. For a long time, HUPO has been committed to the principles of diversity, and this commitment is reflected in our membership and leadership. Welcoming differences, equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion is not only a matter of civility, but a real benefit for any creative effort. Diversity has been long known as a biological force driving functional ecosystems, and genetic diversity in any population ensures biological success. More recently, diversity has been recognized and published in numerous reports and books reviewing the relevant research (to name a few excellent examples: ”Creativity and Problem Solving” by Scott Page; “Accuracy in Decision-making” by Katherine Phillips” and “Willful Blindness” and other books by Margaret Heffernan), demonstrating that any diverse group will always do better than a uniform one, bringing unique perspectives and abilities, fostering discovery, boosting innovation and preventing decision bias. Each individual brings unique capabilities, experiences, and characteristics, their own vision, igniting creativity and fueling resourcefulness. To gain access to the best ideas we need to create an environment where people feel supported, heard, and free to achieve their best and contribute to their full potential. The synergy of diverse teams is real.

At HUPO we are connected by a common interest in all aspects of proteome research; bringing our individual experiences will strengthen the organization further, so we intentionally cultivate diversity and inclusion. The members of HUPO represent scientists from all regions and levels – we have 48% student and Postdoc members and 38% of HUPO members are women. All the active members are eligible for election to the HUPO Council. The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) monitors and approves the nomination and election process. Two years ago, the requirement of 10 or more years of professional experience for eligibility was waived and now trainees and junior scientists are eligible and encouraged to be nominated. To promote diversity and reduce the dominance of well-known senior scientists in HUPO elections, each of the three regions (Eastern, Central and Western) has the authority to nominate two diversity candidates for each election, and these candidates are not directly voted on, but approved or not by the voting members. At present, 31% of the Council are the diversity delegates.

The NEC is currently looking for a new co-chair committed to improving the diversity within the HUPO leadership. HUPO members interested in this position and in making their vision and ideas a reality are encouraged to apply! Contact

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