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B/D-HPP Newsletter

12 Sep 2016 11:16 AM | Anonymous

Welcome to the first BD-HPP newsletter!

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This communication is design to inform and encourage collaborative efforts within the HUPO community, within B/D-HPP initiatives as well as across B/D-HPP and C-HPP. In each issue, we aim to highlight the activities and achievements of two B/D-HPP initiatives, and celebrate a success story. The newsletter editor is Michelle Hill, a new HUPO council member from Brisbane, Australia.

In This Issue:

  1. Welcome
  2. HUPO 2016
  3. Connecting with C-HPP
  4. Translational Success Story – Bruker MALDI biotyper
  5. Spotlights on B/D-HPP Initiatives:
  6. Human Brain Proteome Project
  7. Food and Nutrition Proteomics

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