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“Proteomics – Translating the Code of Life” – new documentary released!

22 Jun 2016 12:06 PM | Anonymous

Watch the documentary HERE 


The completion of Human Genome Project was a major landmark achievement for the life sciences community. With genomics setting a foundation in the quest to uncover the mysteries of life and biology, what lies next? What are the prospects and challenges as we explore the post-genomic world?

Proteins and proteomics are central to connect genomes with phenotypes and biological function. Proteomics provides a veritable foundation to address whole systems, and uses a broad unbiased approach to decipher post-genomic biology.

This documentary portrays the journey of “Proteomics”, discusses its advancements, achievements and key issues that lay ahead. The first section of the documentary introduces the Post-genomic Era and establishes the necessity of proteomics. The second section focuses on development of various proteomic Technological Platforms and how persistent efforts of proteomics scientists have resulted in the First Draft of the Human Proteome.

Next Generation Tools involving Trans-Proteomic Pipeline, SWATH-MS and Skyline have added to the arsenal of targeted proteomics. The proteomics community can contribute immensely to functional biology and offer innovative solutions in life sciences. Sustained and committed efforts from global proteomics communities like the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) has helped proteomics establish an undeniable international presence. This has helped define the broader theme of research directions, thus, “Translating the Code of Life”.

Documentary created by Dr. Sanjeeva Srivastava and IIT Bombay Team 


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