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New HPP Guidelines Established

15 Dec 2015 12:48 PM | Anonymous

The HPP aims to hold participants and authors to rigorous standards for publication and dissemination of results. All data are to be submitted to a ProteomeXchange public data repository, statistical analyses are to be performed to a high standard, and extraordinary claims of detection of “missing proteins” or novel coding elements require extraordinary evidence. The first set of guidelines was approved in 2012. Version 2.0.1 of the guidelines was approved in December 1, 2015. The newest guidelines should be applied to all contributions.

HPP Data Interpretation Guidelines version 2.0.1 (approved 2015-12-1):

The current version of HPP Data Interpretation Guidelines is version 2.0.1. Please apply these guidelines to all new HPP contributions. If errors are detected or slight amendments are made, the updated guidelines will be posted here. Therefore, please check back in this location for a final version before submitting your manuscript. A filled out checklist must be submitted with the manuscript for inspection by the editors and reviewers. Any non-adherence to the guidelines must be explained in the space provided on the form.

Important Note: If your manuscript is being submitted to JPR for the HPP special issue, the JPR guidelines also apply. In cases where the JPR guidelines and these HPP guidelines conflict, the HPP guidelines are more stringent in all cases and take precedence over the JPR guidelines. See the Current JPR Guidelines.

2012 Guidelines (deprecated): The 2012 HPP Guidelines were in effect for 3 years and are still mentioned here, but are now considered obsolete. Please apply the current guidelines to efforts for new contributions.

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