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Bioinformatics Hub at the HUPO 2016 World Congress

17 Nov 2016 1:53 PM | Deleted user

The Bioinformatics Hub is a place where bioinformaticians gather together with three aims: (i) to provide their advice, knowledge, and support to anyone with a relevant question; (ii) to discuss current issues and challenges in proteomics informatics with the entire community; and (iii) to work on interesting, synergistic projects and to freely exchange tools, algorithms and know-how with each other, across all labs, seniorities and levels of experience.

The Bioinformatics Hub at the HUPO 2016 World Congress in Taipei was highly successful in bringing together many researchers interested in computational proteomics and bioinformatics to discuss topics important in the field. The hub was open daily from 8:30 – 5:30 during the congress, and the on-line program dynamically updated hourly with ongoing activities. Some of the more prominent topics addressed included discussions over the HPP Data Interpretation Guidelines v2.1, The HPP 50 Missing Protein Challenge, the proposed JPR Bioinformatics/Computational Resources Special Issue, use of preprint servers for computational proteomics manuscripts, MissingProteinPedia, privacy implications of proteomics data, OmicsDI, glycoproteomics informatics, quality control formats, and proteogenomics data file formats. Work on these topics will proceed based on these discussions, and we look forward to another exciting Bioinformatics Hub at next year's HUPO World Congress. See the Bioinformatics Hub web site for more information:

-Written by Eric Deutsch, Yves Vandenbrouck and Lennart Martens

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