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HUPO2016 Taipei: Reports from young scientists

19 Apr 2017 8:30 AM | Deleted user

Congratulations to the HUPO2016 Taipei PhD abstract competition winners!

Christopher Ashwood (Macquarie University, Australia)

At HUPO, I saw innovative techniques that I had not been exposed to before this conference. I felt inspired by watching a great range of presentations by world-renowned experts in their area of expertise and particularly enjoyed the sessions on glycoproteomics. During breaks between sessions, I was exposed to a huge range of posters from researchers all around the world.

Thanks to the mentoring pre-conference workshop, I learned about the current challenges and expectations in academia. My PhD experience has also been improved by learning about the best current practices in the field of proteomics. Due to this conference, I’ve been able to be up to date on the most recent advances in instrumentation as well as using existing technology to address well-known challenges. The most important point I took away from this conference was the importance of bioinformatics in processing big data sets for more effective biological studies.

During my attendance of HUPO 2016, I felt encouraged that my research area is important to HUPO and thankful for the organising committee for setting up this conference.

Margherita Dell´Aica (ISAS, Germany)

Last year I had the unique experience to attend the HUPO World Congress in Taipei. The program was packed with exciting talks covering cutting edge research, e.g. Technological Advancements, PTMs, Computational Omics and Cancer Research, rendering it the ideal opportunity to promote my own work. The key-note lectures provided deeper (historical) insights and I enjoyed listening to top speakers I only knew from articles.

I am very pleased that I became one of three winners of the HUPO PhD abstract competition. Getting more actively involved into this super-international community and the great experience to promote and defend my work in front of leaders in the fields truly were inspiring and motivating.

The Conference atmosphere was remarkable, such as the kindness of the Taiwanese, the food, the beauty of Taipei’s cosmopolitan streets and the relaxing view of Sun Moon Lake.

Altogether, participating the HUPO 2016 provided me high professional feedback, novel ideas to improve my work, to collaborate with other scientists, and to further pursuit my scientific goals and career. I will definitely participate again in coming years.

Zhiduan Su (University of Sydney, Australia)

It is my great honour to attend 15th HUPO congress in Taipei, which is also an unforgettable experience to me. I also need to thank HUPO 2016 Committee to give me an opportunity to present my study in this congress. My project is about redox proteomics and cysteine oxidations and so far focused on metabolism-disordered cell models. It was really a fantastic and precious occasion that almost all "redox proteomics stuff" could get together and exchange opinions with each other during the congress that might contribute to better understanding of our studies. Also, I was able to meet a few "big guys" and listened to what they were doing recently and what they wanted to do next, which were relevant to the present and future of proteomics progress. Certainly, meetings with old friends during the conference were the memorable moments in my life as well.

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