Early Career Researcher (ECR) Manuscript Competition

The Early Career Researcher Initiative (ECR) of the Human Proteome Organization is pleased to announce the third ECR Manuscript Competition to take place at HUPO 2017 in Dublin!

The ECR Manuscript Competition was initiated at HUPO 2015 in Vancouver and has been successfully repeated at HUPO 2016 in Taiwan. This competition has been a perfect occasion to make early-career researchers more visible to the proteomics community and serves as a platform to highlight the important contributions that post-doctoral fellows, young clinicians and junior faculty members make to the proteomics field. At HUPO 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, September 17-21, 2017 we will repeat this successful event.

We encourage all ambitious early-career proteomics researchers to participate at this competition with an original manuscript of their current work. Three awards (first place, $1,000 and two runner-ups, $500) will be presented to the best original manuscripts in any field of proteomics. Winners will have the opportunity to present their work in a dedicated session of HUPO 2017 in order to increase the recognition of their work. In addition, they will have free participation to the HUPO 2017 meeting. 

The 2017 ECR Manuscript Competition is now closed. 

Past Early Career Researcher (ECR) Manuscript Competition Finalists:

HUPO 2016 Taipei

  • Cheng-Kang Chiang (Winner)
  • Hannes Röst
  • Stefan J. Kempf

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