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B/D-HPP Webinar - PTM in Human Diseases

30 Apr 2021 12:57 PM | Anonymous

By Maggie Pui Yu Lam, B/D-HPP Executive Committee, USA

Interested in post-translational modifications but missed the recent B/D-HPP Webinar? Then stay tuned for the recorded video links for the "PTM in Human Diseases" webinar event held on April 26! For the inaugural session of the B/D-HPP Webinar series, we lined up a stellar cast of leading experts from around the world to showcase cutting-edge approaches for investigating protein post-translational modifications in disease research. Dr. Nicki Packer from Macquarie University presented recent efforts to extend proteomics techniques toward targeting functional glycan modifications. Dr. Boris Macek from the University of Tübingen introduced the roles of bacterial serine and threonine kinases in conferring antibiotic resistance, an important worldwide public health concern. Dr. Claire Eyers from the University of Liverpool expanded on the theme of protein phosphorylation and showed recent investigations of kinase signaling networks in cellular responses. Dr. Andy Tao from Purdue University showcased the search of phosphorylation footprints in circulating extracellular vesicles as a new frontier in non-invasive diagnostics. Dr. Alexey Nesvizhskii from the University of Michigan described the latest Fragpipe software suite to perform comprehensive open search and quality control steps to identify PTM from mass spectrometry data. Dr. Stacy Malaker from Yale University reported mass spectrometry and isolation techniques to unravel the landscape of complex and densely O-glycosylated mucins in cancer.

Watch this space for the recorded videos as well as announcements for our next Webinar sessions!

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