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The Grand challenge

a function for every protein


The Human Proteome Grand Challenge is an international project organized by the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) that aims to... 

  • Build upon the large resources constructed through the significant efforts of the HPP
  • Understand the Proteome in the context of Networks of Networks
  • Partner with complementary consortia to expand the reach of the HPP and increase its relevance
  • Develop forward thinking strategies to provide functional information of each protein
  • Be a focal point for translational researchers for mechanisms, diagnostics, and therapeutics to improve human health

The Grand Challenge is:

  • Open to all interested groups or individuals
  • Agnostic to disease and biological context

The Grand Challenge will:

  • Utilize resources already familiar to the research groups
  • Advance the knowledge of systems being worked on through the access to resources to perturb these systems

  To participate to the HPP Grand Challenge please contact us

The Grand Challenge Task Force:

 Charles Pineau - France Cecilia Lindskog - Sweden
 Robert Moritz - USA Gilbert S. Omenn - USA
 Yu-Ju Chen - Taiwan Ruedi Aebersold - Switzerland
 Chris Overall - Canada Lydie Lane - Switzerland
 Ileana Cristea - USA Nicolle H. Packer - Australia
 Fernando Corrales - Spain Siqi Liu - China
 Eric Deutsch - USA Susan Weintraub - USA
 Michael Roehrl - USA Ed Nice - Australia

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